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This rare and valuable
domain name could be yours 

See how perfectly in resolves in your smartphone browser!


The official translation of this symbol is a "Right White Pointing Index Finger”.  This symbol will be of interest to companies which could use this symbol as a pointer.  It is also a very common and familiar emoji which is used regularly in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is not available as an

  • In 2001 ICANN released a few hundred domain names

  • None have been released since

  • Of these, only 33 have become common EMOJI's

  • These are the only domains in the world

  • They resolve perfectly on a smartphone

  • Here they all are but not all of them have websites:

✈️.com   Airplane

☁.com    Cloud 

☑.com    Ballot box with check

♻.com    Recycling symbol

These domains also resolve perfectly on a smartphone

  • Here are some of them which have websites:

☞.com   Pointing Finger

♡.com    White Heart Suit

♤.com    White Spade

♧.com    White Club

†.com    Latin Sign of the Cross

♬.com   Beamed Sixteenth Notes

♩.com     Quarter Note

₪.com   Shekel or Sheqel

※.com   Reference Mark 

٪.com    Percentage Sign

÷.com    Division Sign

×.com    Multiplication Sign

◯.com   Large Circle

―.com   Horizontal Bar

℮.com     Estimated Sign

.∕.com      Division Slash

₣.com     French Franc

₧.com   Spanish Peseta

∮.com     Contour Integral Sign

».com     Double Angle Quotation Mark


‚.com      Single Low Quotation Mark

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